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  • Tower 7 assist to NCC

    On Saturday 7-21-18 at approximately 2130, Tower 7 was alerted to cover NCC Station 28 (Wilmington Manor) while they operated at a large outdoor fire involving numerous vehicles on Old Airport Road. Shortly after Tower 7 arrived at Station 28, they were requested to make the response into the scene on Old Airport Road. Tower 7 arrived and set up high water flow operations utilizing the deck gun on the bucket. Tower 7 was released by command shortly after 1am.

  • MVC Westbound Span DMB

    Rescue 7 handled an MVC on the westbound span of the DMB. One patient was transported by Holloway Terrace to the hospital for evaluation.

  • MVC Mannington Township

    Rescue 7 was dispatched to assist Station 14 on this MVC today.

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